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Animals enjoying Smithy’s Gardens

Iguana in Smithys Garden

Iguana in Smithys Garden

Iguana in Smithy’s Garden! Heard the dogs barking and gnawing at the chain link fence – on investigation I found this gorgeous Iguana standing her ground, giving the dogs an occasional swish of her tail and side view of her body, not in the least afraid! Have not seen the grass snakes for a while!

Nice Compliments

I would like to let you know how very much we appreciated all your invaluable assistance with every aspect of our recent garden tour – from helpful hints and advice, timely introductions, a delicious lunch at BBs, Denny’s smiling personality and careful driving, your own SUPER garden, to surprise presents as we departed! It all helped greatly in making it a very successful tour for our guests, so very many thanks to you.

Fi Lowry Kudu Travel Limited