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An Archaeological Field Trip taken by Caribbean Horizons Team

Caribbean Horizons staff boarded the ferry for Carriacou. It was the small boat, so the journey was longer than normal and the sea was choppy, which made for an exhilarating journey. Flying fish accompanied us for most of the way and spotting them was entertaining.

Our Carriacou guide Lincoln met us on the dock at Hillsborough and we first checked in at the Historical Museum to deliver a package for Dr Quetta Quay one of the research scientists at the Archaeological dig and to discuss what we should look for at the site. We then drove to the eastern side of Carriacou to Grand Bay to see the excavation site. This site has been excavated by the same group of lecturers and students from the archaeological departments of London University and N. Carolina State University for the past 6 years.

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Grenada at Chelsea

Hi Anne
Thanks for your donation of stems of your “Chelsea Orchid” which we used in a window display with others of the same (some donated by Margaret next door) and purple dendrobiums – all contributions greatly appreciated.
The support of so many gardeners and orchidgrowers is most helpful and Cathy does a great job collecting it up…. Good knock on effect with visitors to Grenada gardens, yours included – all good stuff.
Regards Suzanne