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Turtle Watching

turtle watching in grenada

Leatherback Turtle in Grenada

an exceptional spectacle! Trained guides will show you the intimate sight of a nesting leatherback turtle. A truly unforgettable experience!

April 1st, 2012 is the start of the season for Nesting and Hatching of the leatherback turtles on Levera Beach!  .

Marine turtles are endangered and facing extinction. In order to protect the turtles we work with the communities and use trained guides. Book your Turtle Watch tour with Caribbean Horizon to support the Ecotourism initiative to help protect the turtles and keep them from extinction.

Call us at 1 473 444 1550 or email: for details.

Group and student rates available!



Cattleya in full bloom

Smithy’s Garden Grenada has two Cattleya’s in flower since they changed to using Jacks Classic blossom booster 10 30 20 with micro Nutrients .

Their “Chelsea orchids” are spiking with promises for lots of blooms in May!

Do you want to see those beautiful orchids? Join us on a garden tour, click here for further information.

Cattleya /ˈkætlə/[1] is a genus of 113 species of orchids from Costa Rica to tropical South America. The genus was named in 1824 by John Lindley after Sir William Cattley[2] who received and successfully cultivated specimens of Cattleya labiata that were used as packing material in a shipment of other orchids made by William Swainson. The genus is abbreviated C in trade journals.



They are widely known for their large, showy flowers, and were used extensively in hybridization for the cut-flower trade until quite recently. This genus and the numerous hybrids come close, through their beauty, to the idealized picture we have of the orchids. The flowers of the hybrids can vary in size from 5 cm to 15 cm or more. They occur in all colors except true blue and black.

The typical flower has three rather narrow sepals and three usually broader petals: two petals are similar to each other, and the third is the quite different conspicuous lip, featuring various markings and specks and an often frilly margin. At the base, the margins are folded into a tube. Each flower stalk originates from a pseudobulb. The number of flowers varies; it can be just one or two, or sometimes up to ten.



Andy Durmaine CEO of Shrinking Footprint, an innovative company on sustainability marketing and experience development delivered a thought provoking lecture to tourism stakeholders yesterday, March 6th Smithy’s Garden and Caribbean Horizons were represented by three team members, who have returned to their organizations with renewed commitment to sharing the natural beauty of Grenada and its friendly people with all visitors with a view to making lasting friendships.

McIntyre launches 2012 Honda CRV

Michael McIntyre, Anne Campbell with McIntyre Staff and James Burrell, Honda California Export Sales VP

Michael McIntyre, Anne Campbell with McIntyre Staff and James Burrell, Honda California Export Sales VP

On 29 February McIntyre Bros Ltd successfully launched the 2012 Honda CRV. As a special guest, James Burrell, Honda California Export Sales VP joined us for this great event. The invitees were very interested in the new features.

So far two cars were sold, one to the Ministry of Government and one to the owner of L & M Investements.

McIntyre’s service department technician Jerome Joseph was awarded with the Honda Master Technician Designate, congratulations to Jerome Joseph for all his hard work!

McIntyre Bros welcomed Eugene Crawford and Fiona McIntyre-Winsborrow  to the Board of Directors.

Alicia McIntyre has joined McIntyre Bros as the newest member, she represents the 4th generation. We wish everybody great success in their roles.

Are you interested in the new 2012 Honda CRV? Feel free to visit our showroom or call us for a demo at 473.444.1555!

March 2012 sees another big event, McIntyre Bros is celebrating 90 years as a Ford Dealer.