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We are in the News!

The Financial Times is one of the most respected newspapers for business news and information. Because of its integrity and accuracy it has a big international audience.
Patricia Cleveland-Peck, a well-known British journalist had a very informative article about Grenada’s gardens and Chelsea preparations publish in the Financial Times.
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Come see some of the orchids which were used in Grenada’s 10th Gold Medal Chelsea Exhibit. These blooms are in full flower once a year, only for the months of May and June! Pick a ripe mango and taste it – our trees in the orchard are laden!

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Garden Impressions

lotus flower

Lotus in Bloom

It is a great pleasure to walk through Smithy’s garden with its exquisite blooming flowers and trees bearing fruits. Nature is always perfect with its color combinations; the different smells of the flowers and fruits are a joy.

When do you want to come and smell and enjoy our little paradise? We are more than happy to share our joy with you!

First mature cocoa pods on a small tree which was planted three years ago in Smithy’s Garden. Cocoa beans are used to make Grenada’s dark organic chocolate. You can see cocoa, coffee, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon trees growing in Smithy’s Garden.

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Grenada wins its 10th Gold Medal

Grenada wins its 10th Gold Medal at Chelsea, congratulations to Suzanne Gaywood and team Grenada!
When are you coming to Grenada to see the gardens, flowers and orchids?
UK tour Operator Individual Holidays offers a one week Garden Tour of Grenada (22nd November 2012, 7 nights for £1799 per person led by Grenada at Chelsea designer Suzanne Gaywood.

Or if you come to Grenada on your own, just contact us at 473 444 1555, or email us and we will show you all the gardens of the Chelsea contributors.

Right now BBC UK is in Grenada to interview the Government Officials and the contributors to Chelsea.

Smithy’s Garden is proud to be a contributor to the orchids that are on display in the Gold award winning Grenada 2012 Chelsea Exhibit.

Grenada Steelpan Players

Grenada Steelpan Players

Grenada at Chelsea 2012

Grenada at Chelsea 2012

Some of the Orchids are from Smithy's Garden

Some of the Orchids are from Smithy's GardenGrenada at Chelsea 2012

Grenada at Chelsea 2012

Grenada at Chelsea 2012

Art is Culture

Art and Culture

Art Exhibition 'Inspiration'

is the slogan for 2012 used by the Grenada Arts Council.

The current exhibition shows over 100 pieces of great art work. The theme of the show is ‘INSPIRATIONS: Heritage, Environment, Art and it is well worth a visit. If you join us on our Historic Tour of St. George’s you will also have the chance to visit the museum and the Art Exhibition.

Combine Culture and Art, book your seat now at
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Click here if you would like to read more about our Historic Tour.

25th Grenada International Triathlon & Caribbean Championships

is in full motion! Start and finish is at Port Louis Marina, St. George’s, Grenada.
This event attracts sports people from all over the world.
Go and and cheer them on!
For detailed information visit their site at


Calum Noel - The Youngest Participant

Sachin Sakar from Trinidad

Sachin Sakar from Trinidad


Anthony Lees from UK


Marc De Caul - Organiser

Olympic winners

Olympic winners