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Spicy Grenada’s Culinary Dinner

Gala Evening

Support Team Grenada

Purchase your EC$100 Dinner tickets for the unique Spicy Grenada’s Culinary Dinner Competition which Grenada Hotel and Tourism member hotels will be hosting as part of the Grenada Nutmeg Festival. Two teams of chefs will be preparing mouth-watering three course dinner menus using all of Grenada’s Spices. It will be an evening of fun, where you get to taste and enjoy the first ever Grenada Nutmeg Festival cocktails followed by a three course dinner, all created specifically for this occasion by the islands top Chefs who will be vying for the prize of satisfying your taste buds! Call Caribbean Horizons to secure your dinner tickets! All proceeds from this event go towards Team Grenada participating in the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism’s Culinary competition. Support a worthy cause while you share a spicy evening with friends.


3rd Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival Grenada

Rum & Beer Festival

Rum & Beer Festival Grenada

The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is an annual celebration of rum and beer products from the Caribbean & beyond. For the first time ever the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival will be held in Grenada 2-3 November 2012. The event will showcase a selection of premium quality rum and beers from across the Caribbean region and beyond.

  • Tasting sessions
  • live steel pan music
  • guest artiste ‘Sonika’ – a great grenadian R&B musician
  • Grenadian and Creole Food
  • Rum Cocktails
  • and much more!

Call us at 444-1550 if you would like to be part of this great this event!

Sunsets in Grenada

Enjoy Grenada’s tranquil sunsets as you connect with nature and the majesty of the universe.
Give thanks for every beautiful one. For no two are ever the same.
The emotions which you experience as you stand with sand beneath you is incomparable to being almost imperceptibly carried along within this panoramic view with sails gently furled, almost as if the wind is holding its breath for twilight to replace the mercurial panorama.

Sunset in Grenada from sailboat

Sunset in Grenada on Grand Anse Beach

Sunset in Grenada on Grand Anse Beach

When are you joining us for a sail into to the sunset or a lime on the beach?


Hashing in Grenada

The Grenada Hash House Harriers will have their 750th Hash this coming Saturday. The first hash took place over 27 years ago with about 12 people participating. Now sometimes  more than 200 people join. There are many different trials set to accommodate everybody, hashing is for everybody, kids and adults, good runners and walkers. If you want to read more about the Hash House Harriers you can go to their website:

Call us at 444-1550 if you are interested in joining this great event.


Grenada Employer's Foundation

Award presented by Grenada Employer’s Foundation

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the ‘Grenada Employer’s Federation’ McIntyre Bros. Ltd was awarded as one of their founding members.

A little history about McIntyre Bros:

Third generation McIntyres Michael McIntyre and his sister Anne McIntyre-Campbell are a living link with the past and fourth generation McIntyres, Fiona and Alicia with the future.
In 1895 Ethelbert and Donald McIntyre had visions of greatness incorporating their agricultural import and export business in Gouyave and aptly naming it McIntyre Bros Ltd. But it was not until 1922 that Mc Intyre Bros Ltd got the Ford Franchise for Grenada and there emerged habitual visions of greatness.
Second Generation Colin and Charles ”Laddie” McIntyre went up to England to study, ensuring that they were qualified. They were initiated. “All your aspirations are on the way to fulfillment, in spite of your mechanical know-how you must not lose your perspective.”
Colin McIntyre and his team striped an Anglia and a Prefect (Ford vehicles of the 40’s and 50’s) at McIntyre Bros garage and Colin built his own vehicles: a convertible which was called “the Bomber” (used in the Carnival Celebrations) and a hardtop called “the Snake” – a first for Grenadian mechanics. Photos of these conversions were published in the Ford Times.
The brothers were keen yachtsmen. Colin built his own speedboat “Mermac”, using a supercharged Zephyr engine and raced it against Trinidad’s top speed boat of the time called “Kiss Afire” – winning the race.
In the 1950’s they restored a Model T Ford (the remnant may still be found by the Benoit property near to CK’s Super Value)
McIntyre Bros Ltd has the proud distinction of being the oldest Ford Dealer in the world with the same family running the business. The company celebrated 90 years as a Ford Dealership on the 10th of March 2012 with the Ford Motor Company at a celebration event in Las Vegas.
McIntyre Bros Ltd is now the proud Agent for Honda, Mazda and Ford Vehicles in addition to being the Agent for Yamaha Outboards, Honda Generators and Agricultural Power Products and Accessories.
The company’s life long slogan “We service what we sell” aptly describes some of their key success factors: quality products and a continued investment in training which has given the company the proud distinction of having a Honda Master Technician on its team.

Interested to see some great art?

Grenada Arts Council

Cultural Exchange from Chile

Are you interested to see some great art? Tonight is the opening of ‘Pinturas de mi corazon’ – ‘Paintings from my heart’ a cultural exchange from Chile.
The show is open till 22nd October. Call us if you would like to combine any of our tours with a stop at the Grenada Arts Council!