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Transport for MPA Summer Camp 2014

Dear Ms. Campbell and supporting staff,

On behalf of the MPA department of the Fisheries Division. I’d like to extend a hearty thank you for assisting us during our Summer Camp which ran from July 7th – 25th.
Your team of drivers were friendly and knowledgeable yet focused and allowed for a smooth flow of things.
Without your assistance our Summer Camp would not have been the successful event it turned out to be.

Once again thank you from the staff of the MPA department, our 15 volunteers and the 40 children who attended the camp. I have attached the schedule of the camp for your records and below I’ve provided you with a video link which gives a summary of the camp.

Video link:

Belmont Estate Receives Community Benefit Award from CTO TravelMole

Goat Dairy Project GrenadaCaribbean Horizons wishes to congratulate Belmont Estate to this well-deserved award!


September 19th, 2014

Belmont Estate received this year’s Community Benefit Award in recognition of being a Unique Agro-Heritage Attraction at the State of the Industry Conference from the Caribbean Tourism Organization and TravelMole, held on Thursday 18th September 2014, in the US Virgin Islands.

This award is presented to a “tourism enterprise or community that has direct social and economic benefits to local people, positively contributes to maintaining heritage and authenticity, encourages strategic partnerships and opportunities for local community input and educates locals and visitors on sustainable tourism efforts” according to the CTO.

The main objective of the CTO/TravelMole Sustainable Award is to highlight sustainable good practices while recognizing initiatives that both embrace and enhance the Caribbean’s tourism environment and product.

Goat Dairy Project GrenadaMs. Paula Lewis, Marketing, Promotions and Customer Services Manager received the award on behalf of Belmont Estate. In an interview with CTO she expressed how very pleased she was that Belmont Estate was recognized for its sustainable efforts and practices in tourism and agriculture, and especially for its work community. She expressed gratitude to their employees and partners, without whom this award would not have been possible. Ms. Lewis sees the award as motivation for the company to continue its work of ensuring that its development is done in a sustainable manner that would bring benefits also to its employees, partners, guests, and communities.

Managing Director of Belmont Estate, Shadel Nyack Compton, has described receiving the award as humbling, and yet she is ecstatic that Grenada was represented in the CTO winners for 2014. She heartily congratulates all awardees and special mentions of this year’s awards and emphasized continued commitment to working with Belmont Estate’s strategic partners; to improving the lives of the people of the various communities; providing better opportunities for the Estate’s employees and to continue creating outstanding experiences, products and services for all visitors and guests.

She added that the award is also a win for Grenada, as the island has made significant strides in repositioning the island’s brand identity as ‘Pure Grenada’, enabling more dynamic marketing opportunities while staying in touch with today’s tourism and hospitality environment.

Ms. Nyack Compton wants to encourage Grenada’s tourism businesses to remain committed as the driving force of the island’s tourism destination, striving for excellence and continued innovation.

Belmont Estate was one of six awardees, representing diverse Caribbean initiatives. They included St. Kitts and Nevis’s Tourism Ministry for Destination Stewardship; Belize’s Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort for Sustainable Accommodation; the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society for Heritage Preservation; the British Virgin Islands’ Guana Island Hotel for Biodiversity Conservation and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company for Caribbean Excellence in Sustainable Tourism.

Meet Davidson Campbell

Davidson Campbell, Tour GuideMeet Davidson Campbell

Davidson Campbell, one of our Tour Guides and Driver enjoys sharing his knowledge of Grenada with visitors and likes to hike to St Margarets falls with them.

Read what our guests have to say about Davidson Campbell, one of our tour guides:
I want to say thank you so much for the wonderful tour. Mr. Davidson was truly an amazing tour guide and he made our mothers very happy. We all left Grenada yesterday with bright smiles on our face. I would recommend this tour, especially the guide, to anyone looking for a good and fun informative tour of Grenada. Thank you for your service and send him regards from the Greene/Joseph family.

Caribbean Birding Trail

Launches New Training Program for 24 Tour Guides on Grenada

(St. Georges, Grenada) July 8th, 2013  – Ramier. Godbird. Chicken Hawk. Until recently, that is how many of the Caribbean Birding Trail Guide Training participants would have described some of Grenada’s common birds. Now, after having successfully completed the five-day training course, participants know that these birds have common English names that are recognized internationally by the birding community: Scaly-naped Pigeon (Ramier), House Wren (Godbird) and Broad Winged Hawk (Chicken Hawk).

The Caribbean Birding Trail (CBT) Guide Training Program was held from 17-21 June on the campus of St. George’s University and was attended by 24 participants—staff from local tour operators, non-profit organizations and the Forestry and National Parks Departments. Grenada is the first country to receive this training from the CBT, a newly launched project of the regional non-profit organization, the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB) [1].

The mission of the CBT is to engage audiences (both local and international) with the unique birds of the Caribbean and to connect them to the extraordinary places, diverse cultures and people of each island. Integral to achieving this is having well-trained guides that are knowledgeable about the cultural and natural resources of their island, including birds [2]. Just as important is having guides that can effectively communicate this information to audiences, in a meaningful and enjoyable way. To that end, the training covered not only bird identification but also the core principles of environmental interpretation, utilizing curriculum developed by the National Association of Interpretation (NAI), based in the US [3].

Facilitating the training were interpretation and bird guiding professionals from Panama, Rick Morales and Beny Wilson. Assisting Rick and Beny were Lisa Sorenson, Executive Director of SCSCB, Holly Robertson, Project Manager of the CBT, and Anthony Jeremiah, Wildlife Conservation Officer with the Forestry and National Parks Department of Grenada.

The training provided time in the field, utilizing the distinct ecosystems of Grenada to demonstrate the relationship between birds and habitat. The excellent viewing platform at the Woburn-Clark’s Court Bay mangrove wetland provided an ideal location to learn to identify waterbirds and explain how they are uniquely adapted to find food in this wet and muddy environment. The Grand Etang Forest Reserve, an entirely different habitat, provided an opportunity to see Grenada’s special forest birds, and to demonstrate how guiding a group in the forest is much different than guiding them elsewhere. Other sites visited during the week were the coastal site of La Sagesse and dry thorn scrub habitat of Mt. Hartman, home of Grenada’s national bird, the critically endangered Grenada Dove.

The week culminated in a day of presentations, with the participants making use of their new knowledge to give a 10-minute talk tailored for a specific audience. The most outstanding presentations were ones that had a cohesive and clear message that was evident throughout the presentation. The best presentations also had elements of humor and whimsy, that captivated the group’s attention from start to finish and had everyone wanting to know more. Many participants were able to do this, and it was an extremely entertaining day!

The feedback on the training has been very positive from participants. One participant, Michael Bowen of Caribbean Horizons Tours, had this to say, “Before this workshop birds and the environment meant nothing to me…but all this has changed in the last five days. I am now ready to start doing something about what I learned.”

Anne Campbell, owner of Caribbean Horizons Tours, remarked, “This workshop was fantastic. It’s given us the tools to revamp the tours that we have, put more emphasis on interpretation, and of course add the bird tours which we think are a great means to help raise environmental awareness for our guests as well as our local visitors. So we are going to be targeting two markets and hope to be able to help and do something positive for Grenada, the environment, and still have fun doing it. Thanks a lot.”

“Ultimately, it is going to take practice and commitment on the part of the guides to keep honing their skills in bird identification, bird guiding and being an effective interpreter,” said CBT Project Manager, Holly Robertson. “With the training and the materials provided in the five days of the workshop, we are confident that the participants have what they need to get started and to begin incorporating birds into the tours that they give on the island. We look forward to continuing to work with them.”

The training was made possible by major funding support from the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund and from local sponsors and partners, including the Grenada Forestry and National Parks Department, St. George’s University, McIntyre Brothers, Ltd, Blue Horizons Garden Resort, Caribbean Horizons, Grenada Fund for Conservation, the Grenada Dove Conservation Programme, and Optics for the Tropics.

The Caribbean Birding Trail Interpretive Guide Training Program will be made available in additional countries as the project continues to develop. The Caribbean Birding Trail and other important bird conservation issues will be the topic of conversation at the 19th Regional Meeting of the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds from 27-31 July inclusive on the campus of St. George’s University in southwest Grenada. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together Caribbean and international wildlife professionals, ornithologists, educators, students and others to share their knowledge passion, and experiences, and participate in practical activities that promote applied conservation. Visit the conference website for more information:

Press Release, Date: July 9th, 2013

Something for Everyone!

Grenada is getting ready for three great events in January!

Budget Marine Spice Island Bill Fish Tournament – 22 January – 26 January

Bill Fish Tournament

Bill Fish Tournament

The first event is the 44th Annual Budget Marine Spice Island Bill Fish Tournament, 22 January – 26 January. This prestigious event was first held in 1964 and has been running annually since then. Boats from other islands such as Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, St. Lucia and Martinique join with anglers from all over the world to experience the great fishing grounds in Grenada. The event is held at the Grenada Yacht Club, Lagoon Road, St. George’s with its great dock facilities, where docking is free and water, electricity and fuel are available to all the yachts. Blue and White Marlin, Spearfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin are captured but released to be in line with modern conservation practices. For released billfish points are given by species instead of weight, a camera will confirm the capture. Three days of fishing and a lay day promise great fun and competition.

 Grenada Sailing Week – 31 January – 5 February

The second event is the Grenada Sailing Week, 31 January – 5 February. For the past 20 years this regatta has been run by the Grenada Sailing Festival and the dates are marked in many regatta and race calendars. The event attracts yachts from all over the world, the races are competitive and challenging.

If you do not have your own boat, take the opportunity and book your space with one of the various charter companies that offer spaces on their boats. Port Louis Marina on Lagoon Road, St.George’s is the base of the regatta and offers all the facilities that make racing even more fun. Four days racing, one lay day in between and six nights of parties make this a great event!

 United Insurance Work Boat Regatta – 2nd & 3rd February

Work Boat Regatta Grenada

Work Boat Regatta

The third event in this series of three is the United Insurance Work Boat Regatta, 1st – 3rd February. The 20th Work Boat Regatta will be staged on the famous Grand Anse Beach with two days of spectacular racing in wooden, bamboo rigged boats. The fishing communities of Grand Mal, Gouyave, Sauteurs, Woburn and the sister islands Carriacou and Petit Martinique will compete against each other and guarantee exciting races. This event is very traditional with its colorful boats with unique names, ‘Full Force’, ‘Unity’, ‘Young Stunners’ to just name a few. The atmosphere is carnival-like with a lot of food, fun, music and great racing. This is a ‘must see’ event!


dinner for the Individual Holidays Garden Group at the Beach House Restaurant.

Pumpkin soup salad or shrimp cocktail, grilled lobster, blackened sword fish, chicken tarragon, coconut ice cream and guava desert were some of the delicious items available.

The group was led by Chelsea designer Suzanne Gaywood and had a great long week filled with fun, garden history and nature of Grenada.

Caribbean Horizons Tours wishes this group bon voyage on Thursday and looks forward to welcoming the second group of garden enthusiasts who arrive today.

Dinner at Beach House

Dinner at Beach House

Delicious desert

Delicious desert

Individual Holidays Garden Group 2012

Garden Tour at Smithy's

Garden Tour at Smithy’s

visiting Smithy’s Garden with Suzanne Gaywood, Grenada’s designer for Chelsea. Members of the Horticultural Society of Grenada and Trinidad joined the Grenadian Breakfast and Garden Tour with Anne Campbell. Anne Campbell is a Chelsea arranger and owner of. Smithy’s garden, located in Morne Jaloux, St Georges, Grenada.

Fruit and juice from the garden:
Coconut water + jelly, sorrell and passion fruit juice, tea and coffee.
Banana, mango, golden apple, mandarins, pomme granit, watermelon, pawpaw, passion fruit, grapefruit, and orange.
And salt fish souse, scrambled eggs, black pudding, johnny bakes, toast, plum jam and cheese.

Individual Holidays

On Monday 26th November, Smithy’s Garden welcomes Individual Holidays 2012 Garden group accompanied by Grenada’s Chelsea designer Suzanne Gaywood to an early morning garden tour with the added attraction of the group sharing a Grenadian breakfast with Trinidadian judges and VP Elen Radix from the Horticultural Society of Grenada’s Flower and Garden Show. Early morning bird calls will add to the rich experience of tastes, sounds, smell and colours!
Right now the group is setting out to visit Hyde Park Garden and enjoy some sunset drinks with the owners. Afterwards the group will head up to Gouyave for the famous Fish Friday!

Individual Holidays

Individual Holidays 2012

Individual Holidays 2012

Individual Holidays 2012

Yet an other Award for Grenada!

Grenada Spice Island Honey ranked with best in the world

Beekeeper at work

Beekeeper at work

LONDON, England — A panel of expert judges at the UK’s 81st National Honey Show has awarded a Grenadian apiary with the prestigious Silver Star honour for its honey and also awarded that apiary a commendation for the quality of its honey bee wax candles.
Jessamine Eden apiary, located in Grenville Vale St George’s, which is part of the Jessamine Eden Tropical Botanic Garden, received the honours from the English judges during the exhibition and competition, which was attended by leading suppliers, producers and hobbyists at the annual event.
The family-owned and operated apiary has been producing honey for two years and entered the event for the first time in the clear honey category that was open to competitors from around the world.

Beekeeper at work

“While we always believed that our honey was special and the feedback from our patrons was always positive, it is quite another thing to be recognized among the top of the world for the quality of our honey,” said Dr Valma Jessamy of Jessamine Eden Apiary.
Jessamine Eden Apiary practices natural organic beekeeping and only extracts the ripened honey stores from its hives and does not feed the bees any artificial foods.
“Our honey is raw, pure and never heated so that it retains its healing properties with a floral bounty that is easily discerned from the aroma and taste,” said Jessamy, an environmental engineering scientist and co-owner of the award-winning apiary with her husband, attorney Jerry Edwin.



Jessamine Eden Apiary is located in a micro-climate environment with a rich diversity of fruit trees, medicinal plants and wildflowers such as gloricida, cutlet, kakoli, galba, mango, campesh, Moringa (known as the tree of life), Neem, nutmegs, tropical palms, avocado, citrus and local herbs.
According to Jessamy, who is also the president of Grenada’s Beekeeper’s Association, the combination of flora in the Grenville Vale botanic garden represents a vast cross-section of the island’s flora, providing rich pollen and nectar for the bees of their apiary. This abundance of food throughout the year has contributed to healthy bees and a rapid increase of the award winning apiary to over 75 hives in a short time period.
Currently, Jessamine Eden’s honey, bee pollen and value added products are bottled under the Spice Island Honey TM and Eden Botanicals TM labels. They are available at Jessamine Eden Botanic Garden and will soon be on the shelves of the island’s leading supermarket.
Feeling positive about their chances for gold at the National London Honey Show in 2013, this Grenadian apiary plans to once again enter its products and its chances appear excellent for top honours the second time around.
All images courtesy: Jessamine Eden
If you like to get to know more about the Beekeepers in Grenada, we offer a customized tour:

Grenada’s Orchids

A team from the Orchid Circle went to Trinidad to showcase the work of our Circle at the Annual Orchid Show which took place on Saturday October 13th and Sunday October 14th 2012 at the National Academy of Performing Arts “Hotel Lobby”.
The results are as follows:
Our exhibit was entered as an arrangement and got FIRST PRIZE.
Hillary did a corsage and got FIRST PRIZE.
An Arachnis spray sent by Marilyn got THIRD PRIZE.
A Cattleya spray sent by Cecile got THIRD PRIZE.
Well done and congratulations to the team.
Smithy’s orchids have been used for the display!

Feel like strolling through some of the beautiful gardens Grenada has?
Book our half day garden tour and get some insider knowledge.