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Want to know about our island’s fauna?

Come and join us on any of our island tours and get some insider knowledge. See below a comment from one of our guests:

We had a great time on the full day island tour with lunch at the Belmont Estate. Thank you very much for recommending it to us. The key for us was the encyclopedic knowledge of the island’s fauna by our excellent driver/guide, Denny

Tom and Candy Fallon UK

Grenada Birds

I was delighted with the pictures of Grenada as I was only there for 7 days, and furthermore, the weather was bad. So, I can imagine what I would have obtained had I been there longer and in better weather. I loved the island and the people and will return next time for a longer stay. I would like to photograph the flora and butterflies more next time, and the monkeys which I missed.

Grenada is certainly a complete unknown for wildlife and photography, but I had my best ever day photographing birds. That is mainly because the big birds such as herons and egrets were easy to photograph compared to birds in Europe, both because of their size and because they were so tame. I am sure they would appeal to many people, not just naturalists and birdwatchers, because they are quite exotic.

Anyway, I have sung the praises of the Island, I enjoyed the hotel and the staff were great, and I have now added a large number of pictures to my website, under Grenada.

British photographer Ian Julien, website: http://www.natureandpictures.com

Nice Compliments

I would like to let you know how very much we appreciated all your invaluable assistance with every aspect of our recent garden tour – from helpful hints and advice, timely introductions, a delicious lunch at BBs, Denny’s smiling personality and careful driving, your own SUPER garden, to surprise presents as we departed! It all helped greatly in making it a very successful tour for our guests, so very many thanks to you.

Fi Lowry Kudu Travel Limited