• Advanced hike Victoria
    Advanced hike Victoria

Hike with an experienced guide who knows the trail and can “cut bush” when the need arises! Grand Etang to Concord is the most accessible hike at present but is best suited only for keen hikers as it is described as “strenuous at the start, more strenuous half way and very strenuous at the end (McLennan 3rd March 2008)

The rainforest is recovering well, but maintenance of the trails is needed.

Try one of our more challenging hikes into Grenada’s lush rainforest; Mt. St. Catherine at 2767 feet is the highest point on Grenada: historic Fedon’s Camp was a strong hold and point of refuge for Grenadian revolutionary Julien Fedon; the beautiful crossing right in the heart of Grenada’s rainforest takes you from Grand Etang forest reserve to Concord waterfalls. There are several other hikes, which will take you to rust coloured rocks and cascading chutes in the foothills of Victoria, or to explore the scrub-land of Grenada’s southern peninsulas.

Each hike is challenging and enjoyable in its own right. A true Eco-Adventure. On request. (4-5 hours of hiking)

Price dependant on number in your party.

This is Adriana Lucas and I am writing you to greet specially the tour guide Mac, and to let him know that the tour to the rainforest was the best day in all our holiday Grenada. We learn more with him than with the tours that our teachers organised for us. We miss your riddles! In attach I send some pictures that we took with him. Please let him know that we are very grateful to him.

Tour participants are advised to wear sensible hiking or walking shoes that have a grid bottom and NOT sandals or slippers