Bee Keeper Special

This is a custom tour that allows you to combine a visit to Grenada’s beekeepers with visits to local gardens along the way to St. Paul’s, St. David’s Harbour and Grenville. We will make all arrangements so that you can spend an afternoon chatting with beekeepers. A tour guaranteed to give you a real buzz!

The beekeeping industry has experienced its ups and downs, since its introduction to the Caribbean in the late 1600’s and in the last five years had experienced a real revival. There are about thirty-five established beekeepers. Mainly located in the eastern and north eastern parts of the island. The number of managed colonies is estimated to be 600-700.

Three Grenadian Beekeepers won prizes at the UK National Honey Shows in 2001 and 2002.

In Grenada, both government and non-government organisations give support to this growing industry. Beekeeping provides direct opportunities for alternative self-employment to the people of Grenada and indirect opportunities through commercial ventures utilising hive products other than honey.

Organisations like the Agency for Rural Transformation (ART), National Development Foundation (NDF), Inter-American Institute for Cooperation of Agriculture (IICA) have been instrumental in the beekeeping revival. This renewed interest recently launched the Grenada Association of Beekeepers (GAB).

Price dependant on number in your party and duration