• Organic Cocoa beans Belmont Estate
    Organic Cocoa beans Belmont Estate
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  • Grenville Nutmeg Station
  • Belmont Estate
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  • La Sagesse
  • East Coast
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Join us on an historic and interesting visit to this interesting traditional cocoa plantation, which dates back to the 1700’s. A veritable living museum, where you will see “dancing the cocoa,” learn about present Grenadian and former Scottish owners, visit the Estate’s own museum and enjoy a delicious lunch as we acquaint ourselves with traditional plantation life.

Take a trip back into time. Visit one of the last remaining functioning cocoa estates. Belmont is in a visually stunning setting and offers up a fascinating history from three centuries of production. Observe the processing of cocoa, taste cocoa tea, and just experience the magic of this stunning jewel.

Stops include LaSagesse beach for an optional swim and Egmont Point for scenic views.

Price dependant on number in your party.

Still rated the best local food on tour! Ask about Belmonts themed lunches!