• Mount Hartman Visitors Center – home of the Endemic and endangered Grenada Dove
  • Woburn viewing platform – mangrove
  • Dry Forest 
  • Inland lakes and rainforest areas 
  • Grenada’s birding hotspots

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Duration: 3 Hours


Grenada hosts over 170 species of birds on record. Its rich and varied vegetation and location only 12″ from the equator and its 133sq miles, means that it is ideal for a day or three birding. Mangroves, volcanic crater lakes, wetlands, grasslands/savannahs, beaches, coast lines and its Grenadine archipelago are ideal homes for local as well as migratory birds.

The Endemic species is the Grenada Dove Liptotilla wellsi and the island shares the Hook billed kite Condroherux uncinatus mirus with Trinidad. Other Regional endemics are the Grenada flycatcher, Lesser Antillean Tanager, lesser Antillean Bullfinch and Yellow-bellied Elenia.

Whatever your level of expertise, a trip to Mt Hartman National Park, home of the Grenada Dove ( population 200) is a must. This is a very shy bird, so early morning birding is highly recommended. A visiting experience would require fitness, proper equipment and keen eyes. Be prepared to wear protective clothing and tough boots for thorny vegetation to learn about Grenada Dove and other Caribbean island species.