Community Tourism

Eco tours, turtle watching, Fish Friday, Tivoli Drummers, Carnival Mass Camps and Pan Yards – come see them all with us!

Would you like to have a community experience in Grenada? Would you like to meet citizens from the rural communities and learn something about their daily lives? We can help you to discover the rich culture, heritage and hospitality that only Grenada has to offer! Let us plan with you your Grenadian Community Experience! We can take you Trutle Watching, visiting private gardens, or to Gouyave:

Fish Friday in Gouyave

For fish, for fun, go Gouyave!

Designed with community experiences in mind, our trip to the famous Gouyave Fish Friday is a must on your list of evening activities. Mouth watering local dishes, fresh fish and cold drinks with a dash of culture thrown in, all these and more await you at this fishing village festival. Come join our tour and have a great “lime” – a truly Grenadian experience! Our tour leaves early – you will have a chance to walk around and enjoy the evening. Return times vary to accommodate your requirements. Ideal for the seasoned traveller. If you have young family with you we can start and leave early.