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    Accommodation / Location Number Comments/Budget (please indicate currency)
    Accommodation Assistance Hotel, Villa other YesNo
    Booking of Ceremony / Reception Location and cost of same YesNo
    Location of Reception if different from Ceremony YesNo

    Flowers / Decorations Number Comments/Budget (please indicate currency)
    Decorated Location YesNo
    Archway: Floral or Balloons YesNo
    Bridal Bouquet, tropical/imported flowers/shape YesNo
    Side Combs of Fresh Flowers YesNo
    Button Holes Groom / plus attendants YesNo
    Bridesmaids Bouquet / Shape YesNo
    Corsages / (chest or wrist) for Ladies YesNo
    Petals in a Basket YesNo
    Anything else, please specify:

    Various Number Comments/Budget (please indicate currency)
    Make-up Artist YesNo
    Hairdresser YesNo
    Spa Services YesNo
    Garter YesNo
    Personalised Toasting Flutes YesNo
    Anything else, please specify:

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    Refreshments Number Comments/Budget (please indicate currency)
    Rehearsal Dinner YesNo
    Restaurant Meal YesNo
    Canapes, Open Bar, Buffet, Served Meal in a Restaurant? YesNo
    Cake - extra Tiers of Wedding Cake YesNo
    Celebration Champagne YesNo
    Celebration Meal / Reception YesNo
    Anything else, please specify: