Grenada offers you a spectacular choice of exotic locations for your wedding ceremony – a colourful tropical garden, cascading waterfall, lush rainforest, the dazzling seashore or a quaint country church… the options are numerous, subject only to your creativity. Our wedding coordinator will correspond with you in advance and source all the services you need. Booking a marriage officer, doing all legal paperwork and sourcing suppliers for flowers, the reception, special activities for the wedding guests, music and entertainment, are just a few of the details we take care of.

STATE REQUIREMENTS for a Grenada Wedding

  • Couples must reside in Grenada for a minimum of three working days before getting Married in Grenada
  • Valid passports needed for the wedding couple
  • Birth certificates needed for the wedding couple
  • A notarised lawyer’s letter confirming both parties have single status
  • Absolute divorce papers, if applicable
  • If previous partner is deceased, then the death certificate is required
  • Minimum age eighteen
  • A deed poll certificate is needed to prove any name change


Our Wedding Coordinator, will meet with you the day after your arrival to reconfirm and set up the final arrangements for your special day. These discussions prior to and on arrival in Grenada will bring the wedding of your dreams into focus.

In addition to handling all legal requirements, Caribbean Horizons wedding package can include some or all of the items listed below:

  • Two witnesses if required
  • Wedding Cake
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Bridal bouquet of tropical flowers
  • Groom’s buttonhole
  • Photographer to take 24 prints
  • Minister’s fees, marriage license, certificate and ceremony
  • Transport to and from Government Ministries
  • Wedding location – if necessary


Flowers are locally grown and your choice of blooms is by necessity dictated by the flowers in season. Anne will translate your requests into tropical bridal bouquets, which may feature orchids or anthuriums accented with soft fern. An artistically designed arrangement can be prepared for the reception as well.


This involves presenting your documents to the different government ministries. We will assist you in your trip to the various ministries. This should take about one and a half hours. That is all the time that is needed for state requirements. However, if you are to be married by a minister, he will need to interview you prior to the wedding day. Transportation costs for presenting your documents are included in our wedding package. Documentation sent to us prior to arrival is always helpful as if there are any concerns, these will be handled in advance thus eliminating delays.

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